Welding Picks – The Advantages of Using an Auto darkening Welding Helmet

An autodarkening welding helmet is a genuine blessing for welders, no doubt. There’s no need to turn the lens up and down any more. It can be a real pain to have to pause and turn the lens up and down. Of example, if all you own is an older welding helmet design, then obviously it will do the job. When however you want to improve the efficiency of your welding job, consider purchasing an auto dark welding mask.

You will never want to use your old helmet again once you check it out. For many welders, a common complaint is that needing to turn the lens down allows them to miss their starting position before beginning a weld. I’m sure you can agree if you have an older helmet design. If you have one of the traditional helms, being out in the heat where it’s best is a little more pleasant to work in.

Furthermore, if you are operating in a variety of different situations, an auto-darkening helmet is the best choice, hands-down. The solar panel sits behind the mirror. The solar panel unlocks when either you walk into the light, or you create an arc. Now you don’t have to think about holding the weld in the middle to turn the lens up or down.

And the lens has a lateral adjustable feature. Using this environment, you can turn from shade 8 to shade 13 during each individual weld project to suit your needs.

We call the old-style helmets “Ned Kellys,” and every time you change occupations, you have to swap the contacts off, which is very humiliating. But with an auto-darkening welding mask, the surface of the window as well as the inside of the helmet have different settings. The helmet I have is very simple, but the more complicated models have a lot of options on and inside.

Basic as it may be, my helmet gives me the ability to adjust my level of “sensitivity” from low to high, and I can also set my “time delay” to slow or quick. And what’s better is that for ARC, MIG so TIG welding you can use the auto-darkening goggles!